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Yes you’ve heard it right, Motivation fitness for women. Humans, we are! We need to have some kind of driving force that motivates us to go on. It can be anything. It could be parents’ belief, friend’s support or your very own passion. You need to find yourself that motivation to keep going and succeeding. Same goes out for your fitness regimes.

Fitness regimes and weight loss programs are quite different from your other goals. It is taken up by you to remain healthy and fit, the most neglected in today’s world. For most people, fitness is barely even at the end of their priority list. That’s so hazardous to their future selves. Being motivated through a regime is tough but not impossible. You just need a little push to keep going. The primary and first ground rule is to set goals. Like any other goals, you need to set realistic goals that you can accommodate into your schedule. For instance, you can strive to do a certain number of push-ups at a time in a period of time. That drives you to work towards your goal.

  1. We all have that one dress or shirt we cannot fit into. That sure can get frustrating. But, use it as motivation! Workout so that you can fit into it!
  2. When you are pressed for time, make your commute a form of exercise. Sneaking workouts into your day is really not that hard. You can even do desk stretches and exercises during the day at work or put on some music and groove while you are cooking.
  3. Challenge some of your friends to a work out duel. Nothing works its charm like a good old bet.
  4. Join a class together with your friends, or just join a class. Only you make a commitment and give the money for it, you are obliged to give it your time. Eventually, your body will get used to it and you will continue to exercise, effortlessly. Besides, group class is motivation in itself.
  5. Invest in some awesome workout clothes. It gives you confidence and the motivation to work harder! You might find this silly, but it really works!
  6. Choose an exercise type that will suit you. That you will enjoy doing. Exercising should not seem like work. It should be something that you like doing. That’s how you find your motivation.
  7. Use the positive changes that your body is undergoing as motivation. See those six packs showing up slowly? Well how would you look if you were totally ripped? That motivation will help you continue.
  8. Believe in yourself. This is perhaps the only motivation you need. Believe and trust yourself to be honest with you body and do the right thing it needs. Exercise and healthy food.
  9. Do not give up! Ever! It is a gradual process. Everything takes time.
  10. Reward yourself with something you like. Maybe some chips or a dessert. But hey, do not over due it. You cannot have too many cheat meals.

Shut off all the negative energy and motivation will come from within. Enjoy yourself in whatever you are doing and you will not need anything or anyone making you exercise. Drop in at Bootcamp Chennai if you want to know more on motivation fitness for women.

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