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Lemon juice and weight loss go way back. Lemon is one heck of a citrus fruit. It has innumerable benefits to skin, hair, health and more. Lemon is probably one of the most versatile things you keep in our fridge. Lemon juice has been a common ingredient in a lot of Indian dishes. Be it a dash of lemon on the tandoori chicken or to add a little tanginess to gravies. Apart from its contribution to the Indian cuisine, lemon also has several therapeutic properties.
Let’s talk more on the qualities of lemon. Lemons are known to have high quantities of Vitamin C. Vitamin C is very important especially for women. Lemons contain flavonoids that hold anti cancer properties. Besides that, they contain a good amount of acidic properties and fiber to reduce cholesterol. Lemons are antibacterial and anti viral. They are also good at boosting immunity.
It also contains calcium that helps the bones. Traces of iron, vitamin A and potassium are also found in lemons. The citric acid contained in the fruit plays an important role in preventing fat deposits in the system. That’s how it’s great for weight loss.
How lemon juice and weight loss go hand in hand?
1. The vitamin C and the antioxidants contained in the fruit have digestion improving abilities. It clears your system and makes room for more healthy foods.
2. Lemons are diuretic. Consumption of lemons can help you get rid of all that water weight.
3. The vitamin C is known to have properties that performs certain chemical reactions in your body that will kick start the process of destroying fat cells. This helps a great deal in reducing weight.
4. Lemon cleanses your body. It improves your metabolism and flushes out all the toxins.
5. The flavonoids in lemons suppress weight gain and prevent the accumulation of fat cells. Another bonus is that the liver reduced production of cholesterol on regular intake of lemon juice.
6. It maintains the pH levels in the body.
7. It strengthens the liver, joints and knees that contribute to the overall body health.
How do I use lemon juice for weight loss?
This is perhaps the most common trick that practically everyone has used during weight loss. But we’re going to repeat it again. First thing in the morning, add lemon and honey to a tall glass of warm water and drink it. This regulates bowel movements. It reduces bloating and opens up your stomach to better and healthy food. However, do not consume too much lemon juice if you face acid reflex as it might aggravate your problem. Also, use a straw when you consume lemon as it can harm the enamel lining your teeth.
Lemon juice and weight loss, yes, we swear by the connection. Try to take a cup of lemon water at least once a day either in the morning or along with a meal for best results.

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