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Healthy Alternative Protein Diet for Vegans – A healthier you, in a healthier world!

With the whole world being so health conscious as well as nature conscious, it is only natural for meat-eaters to try and opt for non-meaty diet that still offer protein for their balanced meal on a daily basis, an alternative Protein Diet for Vegans. While the trending culinary arts may talk about finer eating, sugar high sweets and heavy portions of intricate cooking, we should remember the simpler times of our ancestors when fiber and vegetable content and more compared to the meat and sugar content. There are also those meat-eaters who are non-believers of a wholesome-vegan-protein diet.

While being vegetarian is a known option, vegan-ism is a trending concept. Saving mother nature and still savoring the wholesome food. When you hear the word “wholesome protein”, it refers to Amino acids- building blocks of protein. Of the 20 amino acids known, there are nine essential amino acids that our bodies unfortunately do not produce and are vital for our complete functioning.

Here are a five vegan protein bearing diet that you can choose from for your daily quota of complete protein.

1) Quinoa – Each 1 cup of quinoa contains 8gm of protein. Also known as Thinai in tamil, this is a very well known millet and one that has been used by our ancestors in plenty in their time. It’s high fiber content along with iron, magnesium and manganese makes it a likely choice for all.
2) Buckwheat – Also known as papparai in tamil and kuttu in hindi, this cereal has a high protein content, a very good source of fat alternative, helps reduce blood pressure with the rutin content present in its leaves, helps in maintaining diabetes in your system and best of all is easily digestible and cleanses and strengthens the intestines with its neutral thermal properties.
3) Soy Protein – Soy protein is a widely substituted protein in all parts of the word and one that has successfully earned its place among meat-alternatives. Tofu, Tempeh, Natto, any form of soy can be used to fulfill your daily diet of protein.
4) Chickpea Hummus and Pita – The famous middle eastern staple chickpea is similar to the legume amino acid profile. The lysine content in chickpeas makes it fulfilling and energy building. Hummus can also be made from other beans like edamame, cannellini, etc.
5) PBS or the widely known Peanut Butter Sandwich – If you are wondering why the kids enjoy a simple PBS but end up highly active, the answer lies in the nutrient content of the snack. The combination of beans, lentils or peanuts along with corn, rice, wheat or other grains makes up for complete protein diet. Slap it along with some whole wheat, it also makes up for lost calories and covers all the amino acid to the brim.
While you may think there is only one form of vegan diet, you are unmistakably wrong. There are in fact, 6 varieties of vegan diets that you may choose to follow from:

1) A Whole-Food Vegan Diet Plan – This diet is made up of a wide variety of wholesome food such as nuts, fruits, vegetables, seeds, whole grains and legumes.
2) Raw-Food Vegan Diet – Eating mainly raw vegetables and fruits, a.k.a salads, along with nuts and seeds, or instead consuming plant food that is cooked at low temperatures.
3) The 80/10/10 plan – This is a diet that relies solely on fat rich vegetarian food such as nuts and avocadoes. It also includes raw fruits and soft greens. This is also known as the low-fat raw food vegan diet or the “fruitarian diet”.
4) A starchy plan – This plan is much similar to the 80/10/10, except it is a high carb- low fat diet that relies entirely on cooked starch, potatoes, corn and rice for instance, instead of a fruity diet.
5) The Raw till 4 – This diet calls for raw food consumption till 4pm along with a menu of cooked plant based meal for dinner.
6) The Junk Food Vegan Diet – made up of alternative meats, cheeses, fries, a vegan protein diet way of partying.

Having a healthy and balanced diet is of prime importance in everyone’s life, be it a vegetarian, non-vegetarian or even a vegan. Follow any healthy diet plan, one that suits you and not only will you remain slim and trim, but healthy too. Remember, it is necessary to keep a clean tummy as much as it is to keep a clean body. Choose the right Protein Diet from these Vegan plans and you will find life much easier to handle.

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