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Have you ever wondered how soda affects your body before you take a sip? Not really, right? This is because we have started to take in soda on a very frequent basis. Aerated drinks are served in every occasion, at all restaurants as well as easily available for purchase at every store. The availability of aerated drinks has somehow made us submissive to them irrespective of how much harm it can cause to our body. Soda has also become a great companion to popcorn in movie theatres. Thus making it a frequent visitor in our dining tables.
We can easily say that soda does not have ANY natural or health ingredient. Absolutely NONE. It is just a bottle full of chemicals that creates imbalance in every single organ in your body. Keeping the chemicals aside, these aerated drinks also have an insanely huge amount of sugar. In a recent infographics that went viral a few months ago, it was stated that the amount of sugar present in soft drinks is so high that your body will not be able to withstand it leading to unconsciousness. But, certain chemicals that are added to the drink prevent it from happening. Yes, aerated drinks are delicious, but just for the sake of taste, would it be right to consume something with absolutely no nutritional value?
As soon as you drink soda, your pancreas start to create more insulin that is required to respond to the intake of sugar. Then, the blood sugar levels shoot up and the liver starts turning the sugar in to fat with respect to the amount of insulin generated. The caffeine is then absorbed in to the body and your blood pressure increases.
How soda negatively affects the body?
1. It causes obesity. No shocker here. With the amount of sugar in the drink, it is known that soda consumption can lead to an increase in the risk of obesity by 1.6 times.
2. It gradually dissolves tooth enamel, which is essential for good oral health.
3. The high fructose corn syrup which is a sweetener can cause heart diseases.
4. It can cause kidney stones and other renal complications.
5. There is a huge risk of diabetes when you regularly consume soda.
6. You are prone to reproductive issues such as premature puberty, reproductive abnormality or even infertility.
7. A high intake of sugar can lead to a hindrance in normal neurological processes.
8. You can be affected by asthma.
The aerated drinks we consume today are high addictive as they produce dopamine on consumption. Dopamine activates the pleasure centres of the brain. This will increase the urge to grab another glass. It is important to stay away from foods that are meant only to harm your system. Aerated drinks are prevalent in all places; therefore it will take extra effort to combat the need to have it. But, for your health, you have to forego on little (harmful) pleasures such as these!

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