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50 and worried? Here are 5 proven tips for easy weight loss

Now that you have reached the big five O, chances are you might be facing quite a few health issues. BE it sugar, BP, Over Weight or even heart conditions, exercise is the best and fool proof way to lose weight and stay health. This article will guide you to losing weight and staying fit for life. This is a very extensive guide to charting out what is absolutely necessary and what will take you to staying fit.

There are five basic foundations to losing weight if you are over 50.

Step 1: Find your motivation to losing weight

Now that you have crossed the crucial age for easy weight loss, remember that diet and exercise are not the primary steps to weight loss. You will need to mould your mind and be mentally prepared to di the necessary steps to lose that fat.

Unless you remain consistent in your plan you will never reach your target, nor will you even begin to lose weight. Consistency to your weight loss plan is linked deep to your mind-set and motivation. The Power of Why is huge and gives you the path to understanding your need to losing weight.

Dig deep within asking at least three times to find why you need to lose weight. Once you have established your reason over and over, and are more than satisfied with your reason, let’s move on to your next step.

Step 2: Reschedule your sleep pattern to alter weight loss

There is a particular number of hours we all need to sleep in order to remain fit. There are times when we either over do the sleep owing to age or even sleep for very short hours simply to get things done.

If you are sleeping for less than 7 hours every night your body is going to resist losing weight. Now here’s what happens when you lack good sleep:

• Your body doesn’t effectively process any carbs – thus causing fat gain.
• Fat burning hormones and appetite suppressing hormones like Leptin are secreted at lower levels making you feel hungry all the time.
• Ghrelin, the hunger stimulating hormone is increased which makes your stomach an ever hungry abyss.
• Cortisol, the stress hormone increases which gets you feeling restless which in turn makes you more prone to storing fat.
Unless you get your sweet sleep, no amount of workouts or diets is going to help you lose weight in the long run. A minimum of 7 hours of sleep is required for people over 50 years of age on a daily basis to keep your hormones on check as well as lose that weight with ease.
Step 3 : Initiate easy digestible fibre food plan

Short time diet plan will not help you now that you have reached your mid-life. A proper long term eating plan is step three to losing weight for your 50 year fat deposit. Eating healthy is possibly more important to you now than any exercise.

A perfect plat of your meal should be balanced equally with ¼ portion of proteins, ¼ portion of carbs and ½ portion of veggies. A very basic yet effective plan this one can be followed by one and all who are attempting to lose weight.

• Lean proteins are always preferr3ed over heavy meats. Chicken, Lean Beef, Turkey or even lentils and beans are rich source of proteins.
• Add a quarter portion of healthy crabs like quinoa, brown rice, sweet potato or other millets which are low in carbs and rich in fibre.
• Finish off with a half portion of veggies. Preferably salads or half cooked/stir fried veggies thus reducing sugar and oil in your meal. Switch between green and leafy veggies and sugar rich veggies like beets, carrots etc.

If you do plan on storing food for your week, avoid storing in plastic containers as they contain oestrogen like Xenohormones which reduce your testosterone levels. Now that you have reached your 50s if it very vital that you stay hydrated at all times more than ever. Follow these rules to the T for better effects at weight loss.

o Drink 2-2.5 litres of water daily.
o Ensure you drink 0.5 litres of water within 30mins of waking up. This gets your system detoxed and your hormones jumping.
o Prefer aluminium bottles over plastic bottles.
o Stay hydrated throughout the day.
Step 4: Find the difference between Daily activities and Exercise

Daily activity and formal exercise features a crucial part of your weight loss plan. Start your day with a simple 30 minute daily activity to get your gears running and all those joints loosened. It could be any of your daily activity like gardening or cleaning the car or any activity you enjoy doing. This helps burn those extra cals and staying physically fit.

These 30mins of workouts you do to enjoy are pivotal to making you feel good about yourself and start raising your metabolism rate. Now you need to push harder to get onto your exercises to lose weight.

Step 5: Initiate the time efficient Workout plan.

The final step to your weight loss come the workout plans and exercises. Alternate between low intensity and high intensity interval training. These boost your metabolic rate and your cardiovascular fitness.

• Start with a 3-5 minute warm up
• Follow with a 20minute workout alternating 2 minute at 6% gradient and 1 minute at a 1% gradient
• Give a 5 minute cool down
• Stretch your muscles and loosen up

Follow with full body workouts:

o Leg squats
o Leg lunges
o Chest, shoulder and tricep press-ups
o Back, shoulder and bicep pull -ups
o Trricep bench press

Follow these steps with care and ensure you are not in pain or health issues at any point of time. You are guaranteed a flat ab in 6 weeks of following this strategy.

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