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We have always been told that weight lifting for women is not advisable and that it can affect our body. From a very young age, we have always had men do all the weight lifting tasks around the house. Why? To protect ourselves from injury. But, is it really true that women should not lift weights at all? The answer is no. WE, at Bootcamp Chennai strongly believe that weight lifting, if done the right way, can benefit you in many ways, one of them being weight loss. Yes, weight lifting has a great number of advantages that it can give you when you pursue it seriously. There might be possibilities of injuries, but all you need to do is stay focused and ensure that you have the correct form which is required to carry out a weight lifting exercise.
Another very common myth about weight lifting for women is that it makes you bulky. This is not at all true. Weight lifting comes under strength training and these stereotypes are just making women resist from reaping the benefits of some good strength training.
Now, let’s talk more on the benefits of weight lifting for women:
• You may not realize it but strength training when paired with cardio will help you achieve quicker weight loss. It triggers your body is burning more fat during and even after exercising. In fact, you will lose 40% more fat that just doing cardio.
• As you keep gaining lean muscle through strength training, you start using your calories more efficiently. This means you burn more calories by simply walking, climbing stairs or carrying some books.
• Weight lifting improves the quality of your sleep as well as lengthens the duration of your sleep.
• This goes without saying, it gives you more energy. The more you work your muscles, the more there is an increase in energy expenditure.
• It improves heart and bone health.
• It is a kick ass method for busting stress. It has been noticed by studies that consistent weight lifting will enable you to manage stress in a more efficient manner.
• You will eat better. The thing with strength training is that you will be able to make better food choices as it conditions your body to eat better. Strength training helps you stick to your diet and it keeps you away from all that unnecessary snacking and an overdose of junk food.
Next, take a look at some safety measures:
• Always warm up and cool down. It eases your muscles into more strenuous training.
• Start with a smaller weight. You do not want to start with something your body cannot handle and injure yourself.
• Always maintain a good posture. Every weight movement demands a different posture but always try to keep your spine straight and at neutral position
• Wear the right clothes. You do not want to trip or be uncomfortable.
• Get professional help. At least till you are sure of your form.
So ladies, do not hesitate to lift. Weights are good for you. Drop in at our sessions for some hardcore weight lifting for women.

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