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foods slow down your metabolism

Do you ever wonder what foods slow down your metabolism? No? Not many of us do either! We do not even think twice before we put our food in our mouths. Are we that busy? Or are we too lethargic or indifferent about looking after ourselves? Or have our lifestyles simply become like that?

What we fail to realize is that not just foods we eat slow down our metabolism; there are several other factors that can slow it as well; the popular one being the lack of exercise. You need to give your body some kind of action for it to speed up your metabolism and doing strength training that builds muscle tends to boost your metabolism. Another factor probably every one faces these days is stress. Stress can totally sabotage your metabolism rates and in turn lead to weight gain. We strongly believe that good physical activity is vital to maintain a good metabolism.

Another factor that can totally mess up with your metabolism is uncertain and inefficient diets. When you take up some kind of eating plan without understanding whether it is suitable for your body or not, there is a possibility of a change in metabolism. Eating can impact your metabolism almost as much as physical activity can. There are several kinds of food out there that help improve your metabolism to great extents. Also, there are several that pull you back down and slow down your system.

What are those foods?

  1. Alcoholic Beverages: It is true! They do slow your metabolism. Bad enough they cause damage to your liver, they are also capable of messing up your metabolic levels. Alcohol decreases the amount of calories you burn, thus leading to a decline in your metabolism. Avoid binge drinking. If you must drink, do not exceed one glass of alcohol every 2 days.
  2. Highly Processed Foods: Oh, the preservatives! They’re so bad for your health. But we all take processed foods in some form or the other that has today become unavoidable. Try to go natural! It helps clear out your system and makes it all brand new! Eat more fruits, whole grain breads and fiber containing foods.
  3. Sugars: A quite obvious one here. Sugars cause an increase in your blood glucose levels. Plus, they get absorbed into your body real quick. The only way to beat this is to avoid consumption of sugars. Try replacing your candies and other sugary delights with fresh fruits.
  4. Foods that contain Pesticides: Yes, you heard it right. Not many of us can really tell the difference between foods that contain pesticides to those that don’t. This is something we don’t really have control over. But, the whole concept of organic foods is coming into place. You can go organic and save yourself from some unnecessary chemicals.

Having a healthy metabolism will help you be more active and productive as well. Now that you know what foods slow down metabolism, you ought to stay away from those!

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