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long terms effects of obesity

It is extremely sad that most of the people today are ignorant of the long term effects of obesity. The thing with obesity is that it can affect anyone from a kid to an elderly person. It can occur by merely following a particular lifestyle that does not suit your system.

Let’s go a little bit into detail on what the main causes of obesity are. Yes of course, unhealthy food habits top the list. We’re in the era of fast food and trust us; it is not a very good time to be in. We have a lot of options we are exposed to that claim to be healthy but really aren’t. We have to be smarter while choosing our food.

Next in line is the lack of physical activity. As tempting as lethargy can be, it has some serious effects on your body. We need to ensure that whatever energy that you take in goes out of your system through exercise and daily physical activity. Heredity can also be one of the prime reasons for obesity and the only way to combat it is the consumption of healthy food and regular fitness regimes.

What are the long term effects of obesity?

  • Obesity causes high blood pressure. If you have too much fat tissue in your body, it requires more oxygen. Thus, leading you to circulate more blood to the tissues. This puts some pressure on the artery wall which further increases your blood pressure.
  • Obesity can lead to type-2 diabetes. What is scary about this is that it can also occur amongst children who lead sedentary lives. Obesity can lead to resistance to insulin, the hormone that regulates blood sugar. Thus, shooting up sugar levels.
  • Bone related ailments are caused by obesity. They can have quite a toll on your joints, especially the knees and the elbows.
  • Obesity can lead to Cancer. Studies have showed that women who are over-weight are more prone to cancers such as breast cancer, gall bladder cancer etc. The cancer surfaces only in the later stages when a person is obese, mostly. The possibility of them succumbing to the disease is very high.
  • Obesity can cause more migraines. Yes, it is true. The regularity of your migraines can be directly proportional to your body mass index.
  • Infertility issues are also one of the primary effects of obesity. Overweight women can have some serious infertility issues if they also have Poly-cystic ovarian disorder. It is always safe to stay with your BMI to ensure that you do not face any infertility complications.
  • How would you feel if you momentarily stopped breathing or you gasp when you’re asleep? This is what might tend to happen if you’re obese. Obesity can cause sleep apnea.

The above mentioned effects are some of the many that are dangerous to the system. In short, we would say obesity is caused by eating more and moving less. What is the solution, you ask? Make that phrase vice versa. Eat lesser and move more, and you are good to go!

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