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Fast weight loss after 35

Fast weight loss when you are nearing the age of 35 and after can be quite a challenge. No matter how much effort you put in, with your diet and your exercise, weight loss might not be as speedy and noticeable as it was in your 20s. There are several reasons why this happens. And, weight loss in a healthy way needs a lot more effort than anything else once you’re in a middle-aged man or woman. We’re not saying it is impossible. It very much is, but you need to understand that what worked 10 years ago might not work now for you. So, maintaining optimum age requires some changes according to your body and accepting certain kinds of practices that will help you improve your process of weight loss and lead you to a better fitness oriented life.
Fast weight Loss needs to be carried out very carefully. Why? Because your body is changing with age. There are a lot of things that your body may not get accustomed to. You go through a series of changes that profoundly affect digestion, metabolism, and other bodily functions. So here’s out top notch advice to maintain your fitness and weight after the age of 35.
1. First things first, set realistic goals. Do not expect to lose weight like you did when your 20s. You will only be exhausting your body more and hindering its way of functioning towards weight loss.
2. Understand the new rhythms of your body. Yes you need to understand how your body changes. For instance, your metabolism slows down considerably so you may not have the kind of food you used to or like to. You must choose healthy and similar tasting substitutes.
3. Ensure that you have enough protein for breakfast. Protein is key to muscle building. Whether it is a glass of milk or a plate of scrambles, do not forget to take protein in some form in the morning.
4. Get more sleep! Yes, you’ve heard it right. While we’re after career and family and other such commitments, we lose out on sleep. That can’t do. You need to get enough sleep. It does wonders to weight loss.
5. Make slow changes. DO not just jump right into a new habit. Do not start with intense and tough changes, especially the ones you can’t handle. Go slow. Gradually change your habits.
6. Add in some more physical activity into your daily routine. It could be a long brisk walk or enrolling into a fitness class. Doesn’t matter! Just get moving!
7. De-stress! Stress is not only ruining your health but also stopping you from reaching your fitness goals. Make sure you get enough rest. Spoil yourself with a spa day or some alone time. Do things that make you calm and relaxed.
8. Finally, concentrate on how you feel more than how you look. When you go towards a healthy lifestyle, fitness and physical appearance will follow.
You need to accept the fact that at the end of the day, health is as important as fast weight loss and you must concentrate and making these changes a part of your life, not some temporary experiment. Happy healthy living!

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