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Strengthening strengthening back exercises are important as the Back is what holds the entire body together. And to have good posture and great foundation to work out your entire body, you need to pay that extra attention to your back. Mostly, in a quest to build a strong upper body, we neglect our back. The back also constitutes the upper body and having strong back muscles has its own perks.

Exercising your back muscles paves your way to fitness. A strong back gives you more room to perform several other exercises without balance and good form, especially core exercises. All core exercises require a strong back because most of the exercises are done on the mat and a strong back will increase the ease of motion and target the right muscle groups.

You increase your flexibility if you work your back muscles. Flexibility means a great range of motion and a much better stretch session. Flexibility in muscles means lesser possibilities of injuries as well. A stiff or tight back can lead to reduced motion which will hinder your work out process.

Another great benefit of doing strengthening back exercises is it relaxes your back and shoulder muscles. This leads to reduced pain and stiffness around that region. Basically, we all sit all day on our desk staring at our screens all day and sometimes fall asleep in unusual positions. This takes a toll on your poor muscles. Doing back muscles definitely reduces the tension!

So, what are you thinking? Grab your mat and let’s get started with Bootcamp Chennai’s most favourite Back strengthening exercises! Fitness is important to us and Strengthening back exercises are an important piece in this jigsaw puzzle.

  1. Superman: Honestly, this is our number 1. You lie on your stomach and lift your torso and your legs up simultaneously. This is great for your entire back as it targets your upper and lower body. It throws in a little bit of shoulder too!
  2. Planks: Holding a plank is very effective not just for your back, but for your entire body. Get into push up position with your elbows, shoulders and wrists aligned in one straight line. Make sure your body is neutral and you are neither arching nor sagging. Form is very important here.
  3. Bridges: Want a nice leg work out to kick in when you’re working your back? This one is for you! Bridges are done on your back. You have to life your lower body up in a way that your upper back is still on the ground and your feet are giving your body some solid ground. You should look like a right-angles triangle in this move!
  4. Pull Ups: The tough ones! Pull Ups are quite a struggle we admit but they work your shoulders, your arms and your back, of course! Hold on to a firm pole or rod that is located at a higher level than your own height. Once you find your momentum, lift your body up towards the rod. Attention on your joints. Do not stress too much on them. Try to lift with the help of your core more than your arms. It helps you do more reps.
  5. Rows: Rows are great for your back muscles, especially your upper back and shoulders. Bend down such that your torso is perpendicular to your legs. Hold weights in each hand and lift them up till they’re in line with your shoulders. Make sure your hands are straight but not stressing on your elbows at the same time.

Did you find this post about strengthening back exercises interesting? If you did, you would love one of our sessions! Come join us at Bootcamp Chennai!



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