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Muscle soreness after workout is a common phenomenon. It occurs when you try intense exercises that fiercely work your muscles. If you feel some pain or discomfort in your muscles after a real good workout, do not worry. It is an indication that your muscles are getting stronger. Do not skip exercises the next day because you are sore. Instead, try a different set of exercises that target other muscle groups and not lay too much pressure on the areas that are affected by muscle soreness.

More on this post workout soreness:

This muscle pain or discomfort is very popularly known as ‘Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness’. DOMS tends to show face about 6 to 8 hours post workout. However, there is no particular timeframe that you can point at. DOMS can onset even the next day or about 48 hours post workout. Amongst bodybuilders and athletes, muscle soreness is an indication of a good workout. DOMS peaks during a new workout routine, when your muscles are challenged in varied manners. But how good is DOMS? DOMS is good only when in moderation. A slight discomfort is alright, it means your muscles are enhancing and that you have worked your muscles well. But if you are in excruciating pain, then it might be a reason to worry. Extreme pain after workout indicates increased muscle injury risk, especially in women.

What causes DOMS?

Most people think that DOMS is caused due to the accumulation of lactic acid in the muscles. But, that is barely the case. Yes, lactic acid is a component of the entire process but not the only cause of it. DOMS is caused when you perform exercises that your muscles have not done before or are still not used to doing. It causes microfractures in your muscle cells themselves. The muscles recover from it rapidly so it is not something to stress over. But bear in mind that your muscles are very vulnerable to injury at this point and care must be taken in order to prevent that from occurring. Easing post workout soreness must be given importance as an injury might cause you a lifelong consequence.

How can I ease DOMS?

For most of us who are regular in exercising, DOMS might be a common occurrence, especially when we like to spike things up every now and then. You can use medication ease post workout soreness, but we firmly advice you to avoid them. You can treat it using simple home remedies instead. Three ways to ease DOMS that work like a charm are as follows:

  1. Take a warm bath: Warm water when contacted with your muscles will loosen them and result in much better circulation.
  2. Gentle stretching: In DOMS, your muscles tend to tighten up leading to the soreness that you feel after a workout. Stretching will help relax your muscles and ease the pain as well.
  3. Massage: Again, like the previous two remedies, gentle massage can relax your muscles and promote blood flow which will eventually lead to the shortening of the duration of DOMS.

For more information on DOMS and how do deal with it, drop by during our Bootcamp sessions. Let’s have a chat!

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