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weight training for women

All you women out there! Stop believing that weights are just for men. Those dumbbells and those kettlebells are as suitable for you as any man on this planet. Bootcamp Chennai promotes the concept of weight training amongst women in our sessions and we motivate them to lift more and heavier. Why? Because they can!

Beat the stereotypes and do some strength training, lady. The fear on injury on doing weights has been instilled into women’s minds since god knows when. Flashing news: Men are as prone to injury as women are when it comes to weight training. Weight training for women is beneficial to them is many, many ways. You just need to know how to do it and how to do it right. Stop obsessing over the fact that you might end up looking bulky and heavy made. On using weights, the outcome is very much in line with how your body is structured. Weight training for women when collaborated with sufficient cardio can lead to quicker weight loss as well as a more well defined and toned body.

Weight training for women is awesome! We’ll tell you why.

  1. You lose more fat. Cardio helps in shedding some fat, but when coupled with weight training, you lose just fat and not muscle. This gives you leaner muscles and lesser fat. Score and score!
  2. You burn more calories. Not just during your exercises but even after. Because weight training activates your muscles and they need energy to repair their fibers. So do weight training for an hour and burn fat for the rest of the day.
  3. It increases bone density. Add weight training to your fitness routines, you will thank us years later.
  4. It improves your performance in other fitness activities and sport because the muscles and stronger and can take much more stress. In short, it increases your physical work capacity.
  5. You will have a healthier heart and controlled blood sugar levels. Women often neglect their health and this should not be the case. So, do some weights and benefit the results.
  6. You will learn better balance and flexibility. The more you work your muscles, the more it will learn to obey you. At the end of the day, weight training should be able to make you move in a controlled motion, according to how you want it.
  7. You’ll be look better and feel better. It has been proven that weight training for women can elevate their moods and relieve stress because of the hormones produced during the training. Besides, when you shed all the excess fat, you will look amazing! And your clothes will also fit you better than before.
  8. It will make you strong, mentally. Weight training is all about pushing your limits and that requires a lot of mental strength. As you keep pursuing weight training, you will be mentally stronger and your tendency to give up will be close to nil.

So, ladies! We would highly recommend you to start weight training, for good. But always remember to not venture into something you are not surely familiar with. If you need some professional guidance to weight training, just give us a call. Join fellow Bootcampers and lift away!

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