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What is Fitness Boot camp Chennai ?

What is Fitness Boot camp Chennai ?

lot of our prospective students work on their fitness with traditional methods such as elliptical machine/treadmill and become bored in a few months. Add to the monotonous workouts, there is no motivation whatsoever. A recipe for failiure, a)Lonely b) Zero Motivation c) Repetition in workouts.
We help you break out of the cycle by providing the necessary motivation and variety in workouts. Workouts must be done in synergy with proper nutrition to experience the best results. We will guide you with printable workout sheets, nutrition plan and we want you to maintain a journal for nutrition to track your progress.
Benefits of Fitness Bootcamp Chennai
We won’t repeat the same exercises in each class
We won’t bore you, we’ll challenge you
We won’t scare you, we’d rather motivate you
We operate on the time-tested “principle of sweat”
We will boost your stamina levels
We will make your workouts – enjoyable, fun and competitive
Perception of Fitness
Olympic Contender in Athletics
State and National Competition
Muscle Gain and Six Pack
Fat Loss
Weight Loss
Resistance / Immunity
Training Equipment / Accessories
Crossfit Training Methods
Weighted Vests – for Push Up/Pull Up, Ankle Weights, Wrist Weights
Punching Bags – Heavy Bag, Speed Bag, Thai Bag, Banana Bag
Focus Mitt / Target Pads
Kettlebell Kinetics
Rope, Tyres, Hammer, Sandbags (of varying sizes)

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