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How to lose weight in a healthy way

consensus and question among chennai people is how long do I have to work out to lose weight permanently?

People must first avoid a couple of simple mistakes. They should not avoid proper nutrition and they should not get in to the habit of program hopping. Today the internet offers a lot of websites which provide information on fat loss / weight loss per se. The ones that see optimal results are people who consistently follow our true and tested programs for 10 to 12 weeks.

Generalized programs will offer only the same workouts and once your body adapts to the sequence of workouts, your body will stop burning fat after a few weeks. People try to vary in their training, but the big question is how long can they sustain their efforts?

On a weekly basis an average Indian requires 4 to 5 hours of physical activity to experience fat loss in the long term. Our program proves to be effective in two aspects, causing muscle confusion (preventing the muscle from adapting to known stimulus) and in providing high intensity circuits.

A lot of time when people involve themselves in a sport like cricket, hockey or tennis, their goal might be relaxation instead of losing weight where they rest more and work less. Our workouts are geared towards causing permanent weight loss instead of temporary make shift programs. And we always advise our clients to keep their nutrition and workouts in sync to experience the best results. 280 to 300 minutes of weekly exercise or physical activity has been scientifically researched to result in long term weight loss. When following a weight loss program, social support, moral support and consistency are very important.

We strive to customise our program for each student in terms of body type, nutrition, goals and the students can get required support when tagged along with a partner who will motivate them and push them to the next level. Our bootcamp has successfully helped people create a healthy and happy lifestyle that has reduced the risk of fatal diseases and stress levels. Students often report improved confidence, physique and appreciate our advise in helping them live a stress free life.

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