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In a quest to get the perfect six pack abs and runner’s calves, we often neglect the upper body. This sometimes can cause a disproportionate appearance. Besides, your upper body is important to perform several activities and exercises. Yes, the lower body gives you a good foundation, but the upper body is equally imperative. In this blog post, you will learn of the parts of the upper body and how to train them.

What makes up the upper body?

There are five parts that make up your upper body, they are:

  1. Forearms

Probably, the most neglected part of the upper body itself. Forearm is that part of your arm that is attached to your elbows. Image yourself with amazing thick biceps and really thin forearms. You would just look silly. A lot of professional body builders also make the same mistake. If you do not train your forearms enough, you might have trouble performing exercises where you will have to maintain your entire body weight in your arms! For exercises like push-ups, planks etc, not only do you need strong forearms, but flexible wrists as well. Try exercises such as Wrist Curl or Reverse Wrist Curl.

  1. Biceps

Biceps! The popular muscles. Men have been obsessing over huge biceps since the beginning of time. There are a lot of people who focus a lot on just their biceps and ignore the rest of their body. Having huge biceps is cool, but make sure it is proportionate to the rest of your body. To train your biceps, you can do several variations with dumbbells. Curls work best for biceps. There are several types of them such as the Dumbbell Curl, Standing Barbell Curl etc.

  1. Triceps

The triceps are a very important part of toning your upper body. Their strength can impact a lot of other exercises that you do. The best part about triceps is that it is very easy to tone. Any exercise move targeted for any other body part also sometimes indirectly works your triceps! Toning your triceps is essential because it is the key to getting rid of flabby arms. It can also help in getting the nice muscle definition in your arms. Some exercises that you can try to exclusively work your triceps are Press down, Flat Bench Press and One Arm Extensions.

  1. Back

The back is the support system that holds your entire body. Giving emphasis to your back will give you great posture! But do bear in mind that the back is also sensitive and prone to injuries if careless. We recommend that you always have someone professional supervising you during back workouts. You can try the very famous Superman, Rows, Dead lifts etc.

  1. Chest

The Chest area is the most difficult part to develop, yet men love to adorn well-toned pecks. There aren’t as many exercises for toning the chest as much as there is for other exercises. But the ones that do exist pretty much do the trick. Try out Chest Press Pulse, Push-ups, Flat Bench Press etc.

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