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Squats are amazing for your body, in more ways than one. Squats normally find their place in the workouts of almost every athlete, fighter or a fitness enthusiast. The reason why squats are very popular is because they are easy to do and the effects on the body are tremendous. We normally associate squats to working on the lower body, but we are not aware of the several other benefits it has to our body.IMG_9465




The most beautiful part of doing squats is the variations. It is one move that can be changed to target certain muscle groups by modifying the form a little. There are various squats such as narrow squats, plié squats, sumo squats, pistol squats, jump squats etc. Each and every variation targets a different muscle group in your lower body. For instance, narrow squats target your outer thighs, quads and hamstrings while plié squats target your inner thighs and calf muscles.

How do we do a perfect squat?

Remember that you might not be able to completely squat down in your first attempt as your hamstrings and quads might be stiff and it does take time for them to ease out a little bit. A perfect squat is one where your thighs are parallel to the ground and your knees are right above your toes. The placement of the knees is very important to ensure that your joints do not get injured while performing them. Your back needs to be straight, shoulders away from the ears and chest must be proud. A good stance will help you squat better. Always keep in mind to keep your core engaged. No matter what exercise move you perform, all the energy it takes to do them generates from your core.

So, why should be even bother to do a squat?

  • Squats murder Cellulite.IMG_9511 (1)
  • Squats help build muscles, not only on your lower body but also other areas as well.
  • Squats are not very hard to do, yet insanely effective.
  • It requires only your body weight to perform a squat. However, you can add to the level of difficulty by adding weights.
  • Squats improve your posture and make you look taller.
  • They give an amazing definition to your lower body.
  • They burn fat, like there is no tomorrow!
  • It strengthens and tones your core, provided you engage your core while squatting.
  • It increases mobility in your hips and ankles.
  • It makes your calves look toned and more sleek.
  • They prepare you for other exercise activities such as running, kickboxing etc.

Bootcamp Chennai loves Squats!

                  At Bootcamp Chennai, we do squats everyday to prep ourselves for bootcamp. We love doing them because we can see progress very evidently. Every day we see people squat deeper and do more reps! This is just an indication of them getting stronger. Squats are super fun! Join one of our classes and have fun with these moves.

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