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running for weightloss

Ever considered running? If you have, then you have considered the option of a good, healthy lifestyle. Boot camp Chennai incorporates running and sprinting in its warm up exercises as well as high intensities workout combinations. Running for weight loss, on a regular basis in itself is a great way of staying fit, but adding it to other exercise forms takes it up a notch. Running can be strenuous, challenging and sometimes hard on your muscles but as you get used to it, it will becomes easier and you will reap the benefits of the extra effort you had put on consistent running. In this blog post, we will talk about the various pros and cons of running for weight loss.

Pros of Running for Weight Loss:

  1. It requires no special training: You can always start running. You might need to learn how you pace yourself and run longer. But that comes with practice.
  2. It helps relieve stress: That way you can get sound sleep. And we cannot emphasize enough on how important sleep is for weight loss!
  3. Running helps lose weight even when you are not running: How hard core is that? Running is a high intensity cardio workout that burns calories even when you are not exercising.

Cons of Running for Weight Loss:

  1. Too much running can lead to muscle loss: Long distance running for weight loss might not be such a great idea if you do not consume the right amount of proteins to ensure that your muscles are building and repairing themselves.
  2. They can be hard on your joints: It is always important to know when your body reaches its limit. Pushing it beyond its tolerance points can lead to serious joint injuries. You need to be wise enough to know when you need to stop.
  3. Excessive running can affect your heart: Again, if you do not know your limits, it can lead to some serious heart problems such as large artery wall stiffening and many others.
  4. Running increases your appetite: After all that hard work, it makes you want to not care about your diets and just eat away! You might be burning calories but you might also be storing fat in your body due to its high intensity nature.

What we do at Bootcamp Chennai?

At Bootcamp Chennai, we incorporate the right amount of running so that you get the benefits of the high intensity workout without having you strain your body or losing any muscle. We normally use running as a form of cardio where we do reps of sprinting, jogging and running. These cardio exercises are further paired with toning and strengthening exercises such as kettlebell exercises, body weight utilizing exercises, sandbag exercises etc.

Always remember that you can pursue running, but only after you know your body can handle it. Always start in moderation and then increase your level of difficulty. Enroll now to try running for weight loss amongst many other super challenging yet amazingly effective workouts!

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