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Getting Six Pack Abs


A few years ago, the term six-pack abs was not familiar to a lot of people. But in today’s world, six-pack abs have become the definition of being fit. Most men are fixated on getting their six pack abs. It is a trend that has been set by the cinema industry. At Bootcamp Chennai, we believe that there is no right or wrong way for getting six packs; however, there are several methods that have been proved to be effective over many others. We have been working for the longest time towards finding out the secrets to getting six pack abs!

Six pack abs have become very appealing to people. People want to get rid of their flabby stomachs and flaunt their abdominal muscles. Sadly, everyone are most misinformed about the muscles that form the abdominal region. There is a lot more to your mid section that you think. There are six abdominal muscles that must be targeted in order to get six pack abs.

Get moving!

Exercising regularly is an integral part of building those abs. Everyone is born with abdominal muscles, but it is not visible as it is covered with a thick layer of fat. Our objective here is to perform several cardio vascular exercises to burn that fat. As the fat melts off your core, you will be able to notice the structure of the muscles that had been hiding underneath it. The cardio exercises should, of course be paired with toning exercises such as planks, criss- cross bicycle, double leg drops etc. Although there have been many speculations on the effectiveness of crunches and sit ups on building good six pack, it wouldn’t hurt to throw in a few of them into your workout routine.

Watch what you eat!

We know that eating healthy in general aids in weight loss and getting fitter, but for six packs in particular, it is mandatory that you eat the right kinds of food. Get a good amount of protein into your diet, eat the healthy kind of fats and fuel up with post-workout carbs. The best way to know that you are eating healthy is to track what you eat. You can prep your meals before hand and make a time table for yourself to make sure you do not make last minute impulsive decisions. Remember, Abs are built in the gym but made in the kitchen! Get it?

Be Smart.

Hardwork and determination counts, yes, but while training you need to employ smart choices to reach your goals. Choose HIIT that combines cardio with toning exercises instead of running on a treadmill for a long duration. Choose foods that are filling so that you can get through the day without indulging in junk food, snacking or over eating.

Be Patient.

If you want your six packs to stay put, then be patient. You could do all the crash diets slash workouts to get ripped. But trust us when we say this, slow and well paced workout regimes will not just help in getting six pack abs in a healthy manner but will also get you into the habit of training to maintain it and retain your fitness endeavors.

Do it for yourself!

Do not do it for your peers or because you want to look like a popular actor. Do it for yourself, to feel good about yourself and to achieve what you have planned to reach in terms of fitness. Also, it is very important to know when to stop, really. In order to look like some(probably photoshopped) model in a poster, do not put your health in jeopardy. Train safe, train hard and train NOW!

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