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How to do Push ups
The push-up may be the best exercise for women. Do you know why?
Regularly adding push ups to your workout will not only strengthen your chest. It will also shape your deltoids , triceps, and glutes while toning and tightening your entire core muscles. Working all the major muscles at once torches tons of calories. You really have no reason to skip this basic & powerful exercise!
Learn the basic version of push ups and as you progress past 50 repetitions you can add variations such as clapping push ups or diamond push ups to your training.
Step 1: Get in plank position, shoulder width apart
Step 2: Lower your body towards the floor until your chest almost scrapes the ground surface
As you lower your torso, tuck your elbows in, making your arms form a 45 degree angle when your upper body is in the lower position of the move. Pause , then press back to the starting position as quickly as possible . Keep your core braced as a single unit whilst maintaining muscular tension through out the motion.
If you tell your hips at any time during the exercise, the form has been broken.
Step 3: If it hurts your wrists to keep your hands placed directly on the floor, consider using a pair of dumbbells (use a pair with flat edges, made of rubber in a hex shape) at the places where you would position your hands. Then grab the dumbbells ‘ handles and keep your wrists straight as you perform the exercise.
When you have no access to equipment, don’t forget this old-school workout – push-ups, sit-ups and tricep dips. Anybody can do this at home and get started!
If You think, Push ups are hard… Try playing chess, because chess has the feeling of a sport, but you don’t have to do push ups!

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