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Good fat foods and weight loss

If you want lose fat, then you can’t lose weight by just working out, you have to concentrate on nutrition equally. If you want to lose the bad fat in your body, you have to add good fat foods to your diet. People purely concentrate on number of calories burnt more than they care about what they eat daily. Good fat when added to your body directly contributes to your Good cholesterol (also known as HDL), while bringing down the bad cholesterol levels (also known as LDL).
The word fat makes people scared. You can identify which foods are rich in good fat and which ones contribute to bad fat. You can use this to your advantage. You must split good fat in to your 6 meals and eat a balanced diet with protein, carbs, fat in the correct proportions. You can consume the following foods which are rich in good fat,
Assorted nuts (Cashew, Almonds, Walnut, Raisins)
Nuts are high in B vitamin and protein. Helps increase your metabolism which is a key to consistent fat loss. Nuts are rich in fiber, antioxidant, omega 3, omega6 and helps us to reduce body fat. Lot of traditional dieticians have a tendency to avoid nuts from your diet, but scientific research has proved that you must consume a healthy & balanced diet.
Contains Fibre, Omega 3 Fatty Acids & Protein
Aids in healthy fat loss
5 to 6 walnuts per day will help you
Omega 3 will reduce bad cholesterol, also helps your heart stay young and healthy
Contains Fibre, Protein, Healthy Mono Saturated Fat
Sedentary individuals were able to experience fat loss by consuming almonds daily
Research with 100 subjects has shown that 62% Body Mass Index and 56% decrease in body fat were seen.
5 almonds per day
Similar to almonds and walnut
Contains Fibre, Fat, Protein
A research study has shown that cashew nuts help with reducing obesity and weight control
Cashew nuts have minerals such as magnesium, phosphorous, zinc

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