50 and worried? Here are 5 proven tips for easy weight loss

Now that you have reached the big five O, chances are you might be facing quite a few health issues. BE it sugar, BP, Over Weight or even heart conditions, exercise is the best and fool proof way to lose weight and stay health. This article will guide you to losing weight and staying fit for life. This is a very extensive guide to charting out what is absolutely necessary and what will take you to staying fit.

There are five basic foundations to losing weight if you are over 50.

Step 1: Find your motivation to losing weight

Now that you have crossed the crucial age for easy weight loss, remember that diet and exercise are not the primary steps to weight loss. You will need to mould your mind and be mentally prepared to di the necessary steps to lose that fat.

Unless you remain consistent in your plan you will never reach your target, nor will you even begin to lose weight. Consistency to your weight loss plan is linked deep to your mind-set and motivation. The Power of Why is huge and gives you the path to understanding your need to losing weight.

Dig deep within asking at least three times to find why you need to lose weight. Once you have established your reason over and over, and are more than satisfied with your reason, let’s move on to your next step.

Step 2: Reschedule your sleep pattern to alter weight loss

There is a particular number of hours we all need to sleep in order to remain fit. There are times when we either over do the sleep owing to age or even sleep for very short hours simply to get things done.

If you are sleeping for less than 7 hours every night your body is going to resist losing weight. Now here’s what happens when you lack good sleep:

• Your body doesn’t effectively process any carbs – thus causing fat gain.
• Fat burning hormones and appetite suppressing hormones like Leptin are secreted at lower levels making you feel hungry all the time.
• Ghrelin, the hunger stimulating hormone is increased which makes your stomach an ever hungry abyss.
• Cortisol, the stress hormone increases which gets you feeling restless which in turn makes you more prone to storing fat.
Unless you get your sweet sleep, no amount of workouts or diets is going to help you lose weight in the long run. A minimum of 7 hours of sleep is required for people over 50 years of age on a daily basis to keep your hormones on check as well as lose that weight with ease.
Step 3 : Initiate easy digestible fibre food plan

Short time diet plan will not help you now that you have reached your mid-life. A proper long term eating plan is step three to losing weight for your 50 year fat deposit. Eating healthy is possibly more important to you now than any exercise.

A perfect plat of your meal should be balanced equally with ¼ portion of proteins, ¼ portion of carbs and ½ portion of veggies. A very basic yet effective plan this one can be followed by one and all who are attempting to lose weight.

• Lean proteins are always preferr3ed over heavy meats. Chicken, Lean Beef, Turkey or even lentils and beans are rich source of proteins.
• Add a quarter portion of healthy crabs like quinoa, brown rice, sweet potato or other millets which are low in carbs and rich in fibre.
• Finish off with a half portion of veggies. Preferably salads or half cooked/stir fried veggies thus reducing sugar and oil in your meal. Switch between green and leafy veggies and sugar rich veggies like beets, carrots etc.

If you do plan on storing food for your week, avoid storing in plastic containers as they contain oestrogen like Xenohormones which reduce your testosterone levels. Now that you have reached your 50s if it very vital that you stay hydrated at all times more than ever. Follow these rules to the T for better effects at weight loss.

o Drink 2-2.5 litres of water daily.
o Ensure you drink 0.5 litres of water within 30mins of waking up. This gets your system detoxed and your hormones jumping.
o Prefer aluminium bottles over plastic bottles.
o Stay hydrated throughout the day.
Step 4: Find the difference between Daily activities and Exercise

Daily activity and formal exercise features a crucial part of your weight loss plan. Start your day with a simple 30 minute daily activity to get your gears running and all those joints loosened. It could be any of your daily activity like gardening or cleaning the car or any activity you enjoy doing. This helps burn those extra cals and staying physically fit.

These 30mins of workouts you do to enjoy are pivotal to making you feel good about yourself and start raising your metabolism rate. Now you need to push harder to get onto your exercises to lose weight.

Step 5: Initiate the time efficient Workout plan.

The final step to your weight loss come the workout plans and exercises. Alternate between low intensity and high intensity interval training. These boost your metabolic rate and your cardiovascular fitness.

• Start with a 3-5 minute warm up
• Follow with a 20minute workout alternating 2 minute at 6% gradient and 1 minute at a 1% gradient
• Give a 5 minute cool down
• Stretch your muscles and loosen up

Follow with full body workouts:

o Leg squats
o Leg lunges
o Chest, shoulder and tricep press-ups
o Back, shoulder and bicep pull -ups
o Trricep bench press

Follow these steps with care and ensure you are not in pain or health issues at any point of time. You are guaranteed a flat ab in 6 weeks of following this strategy.

Finding Time for Exercise – What most women struggle with

To all you stay at home moms as well as working moms, if you are struggling to slot in time for some workout, you have come to the right page. You may have seen those sleek bodied, perfectly-abed women in sexy work-out clothes, doing absolutely mind-bending exercises with ease. But with all the time you have booked with your kids and chores, you feel it intimidates you or feel you don’t have enough time on your plate for your won good health.

So how do you find time for yourself? Well, in a perfect world, we can all have at least one hour for our fitness; but in our real world, we can say with all confidence that 24 hours simply doesn’t feel sufficient to fit in all aspects of our lives including school, work and family. Now stressing about this only makes you gain more weight. Here are expert ideas and suggestions to sneaking in fitness during your regular schedule.

Tips To Slip in workouts during your busy schedule:

1)         If you feel that your busy schedule refrains you from simple cardio exercise, forget the cab ride or your vehicle and take a walk or jog to your work. Not only does it promote a healthy and clean start to your busy day, but also helps prevent pollution and makes you feel good about yourself. If you don’t prefer to walk, cycle your way to walk or simply park your vehicle a little further away from your destination and leg it.
2)         To get you started into exercising early, wear your workout clothes to bed and as soon as you wake up, start your day with some warm ups and plank your way to your busy day. 5 minutes of planks early morning can change the way you feel within a week.
3)         Take a break from your lunch break and do a could of sit ups, lunges, squats and a couple of burpees before you have your light and healthy lunch. That way you will not only stay fit but also feel fresher at work. You could even do the same while you cook lunch at home while you wait for that meat to cook.
4)         Sit on a stability ball while at work to strengthen your core. This helps your posture and makes work more fun too. You could even bring in a kettle bell or dumbbells to work and work out mildly to take a break from work. Hey, this could become a trend at work and you may start up a group to work out with you too.
5)         Want to make things fun and short? Take a quick trip to the gym and do a 10minutes cardio workout. Hop onto your treadmill while holding a 1.5 to 3kg dumbbell in each hand. Set the treadmill to a brisk walk. Now do a set of shoulder presses, biceps curls, tricep extensions, side laterals, front laterals and standup tricep kickbacks one after the other for a minute each as you walk. Repeat this thrice a week and jazz it up to a 4-minute routine.
6)         While you wait at the counter of the shopping mall or are standing in queues sneak in a simple workout like lunges or squats or even toe raises. Makes it fun and relaxes your muscles while you squeeze your wallet.
7)         Relaxing at home and catching up with your daily TV series? Don’t get comfortable on the couch. Instead, make some space and do some push-ups, squats, jumping jacks, crunches and to make things crazier add in some dumbbells, jump ropes, a hoola- hoop or any other tool you need to start sweating.
8)         Here’s a tip to all those who don’t have any time at all. Take the steps instead of the lift. And make it a quick climb instead of a leisurely climb too. The quicker your pace, the easier to target your glutes.
Now once you have gotten into the loop of exercising during your busy schedule, you will find that there is indeed time for an actual fitness routine, devoted to yourself.

Healthy Alternative Protein Diet for Vegans – A healthier you, in a healthier world!

With the whole world being so health conscious as well as nature conscious, it is only natural for meat-eaters to try and opt for non-meaty diet that still offer protein for their balanced meal on a daily basis, an alternative Protein Diet for Vegans. While the trending culinary arts may talk about finer eating, sugar high sweets and heavy portions of intricate cooking, we should remember the simpler times of our ancestors when fiber and vegetable content and more compared to the meat and sugar content. There are also those meat-eaters who are non-believers of a wholesome-vegan-protein diet.

While being vegetarian is a known option, vegan-ism is a trending concept. Saving mother nature and still savoring the wholesome food. When you hear the word “wholesome protein”, it refers to Amino acids- building blocks of protein. Of the 20 amino acids known, there are nine essential amino acids that our bodies unfortunately do not produce and are vital for our complete functioning.

Here are a five vegan protein bearing diet that you can choose from for your daily quota of complete protein.

1) Quinoa – Each 1 cup of quinoa contains 8gm of protein. Also known as Thinai in tamil, this is a very well known millet and one that has been used by our ancestors in plenty in their time. It’s high fiber content along with iron, magnesium and manganese makes it a likely choice for all.
2) Buckwheat – Also known as papparai in tamil and kuttu in hindi, this cereal has a high protein content, a very good source of fat alternative, helps reduce blood pressure with the rutin content present in its leaves, helps in maintaining diabetes in your system and best of all is easily digestible and cleanses and strengthens the intestines with its neutral thermal properties.
3) Soy Protein – Soy protein is a widely substituted protein in all parts of the word and one that has successfully earned its place among meat-alternatives. Tofu, Tempeh, Natto, any form of soy can be used to fulfill your daily diet of protein.
4) Chickpea Hummus and Pita – The famous middle eastern staple chickpea is similar to the legume amino acid profile. The lysine content in chickpeas makes it fulfilling and energy building. Hummus can also be made from other beans like edamame, cannellini, etc.
5) PBS or the widely known Peanut Butter Sandwich – If you are wondering why the kids enjoy a simple PBS but end up highly active, the answer lies in the nutrient content of the snack. The combination of beans, lentils or peanuts along with corn, rice, wheat or other grains makes up for complete protein diet. Slap it along with some whole wheat, it also makes up for lost calories and covers all the amino acid to the brim.
While you may think there is only one form of vegan diet, you are unmistakably wrong. There are in fact, 6 varieties of vegan diets that you may choose to follow from:

1) A Whole-Food Vegan Diet Plan – This diet is made up of a wide variety of wholesome food such as nuts, fruits, vegetables, seeds, whole grains and legumes.
2) Raw-Food Vegan Diet – Eating mainly raw vegetables and fruits, a.k.a salads, along with nuts and seeds, or instead consuming plant food that is cooked at low temperatures.
3) The 80/10/10 plan – This is a diet that relies solely on fat rich vegetarian food such as nuts and avocadoes. It also includes raw fruits and soft greens. This is also known as the low-fat raw food vegan diet or the “fruitarian diet”.
4) A starchy plan – This plan is much similar to the 80/10/10, except it is a high carb- low fat diet that relies entirely on cooked starch, potatoes, corn and rice for instance, instead of a fruity diet.
5) The Raw till 4 – This diet calls for raw food consumption till 4pm along with a menu of cooked plant based meal for dinner.
6) The Junk Food Vegan Diet – made up of alternative meats, cheeses, fries, a vegan protein diet way of partying.

Having a healthy and balanced diet is of prime importance in everyone’s life, be it a vegetarian, non-vegetarian or even a vegan. Follow any healthy diet plan, one that suits you and not only will you remain slim and trim, but healthy too. Remember, it is necessary to keep a clean tummy as much as it is to keep a clean body. Choose the right Protein Diet from these Vegan plans and you will find life much easier to handle.

We have always been told that weight lifting for women is not advisable and that it can affect our body. From a very young age, we have always had men do all the weight lifting tasks around the house. Why? To protect ourselves from injury. But, is it really true that women should not lift weights at all? The answer is no. WE, at Bootcamp Chennai strongly believe that weight lifting, if done the right way, can benefit you in many ways, one of them being weight loss. Yes, weight lifting has a great number of advantages that it can give you when you pursue it seriously. There might be possibilities of injuries, but all you need to do is stay focused and ensure that you have the correct form which is required to carry out a weight lifting exercise.
Another very common myth about weight lifting for women is that it makes you bulky. This is not at all true. Weight lifting comes under strength training and these stereotypes are just making women resist from reaping the benefits of some good strength training.
Now, let’s talk more on the benefits of weight lifting for women:
• You may not realize it but strength training when paired with cardio will help you achieve quicker weight loss. It triggers your body is burning more fat during and even after exercising. In fact, you will lose 40% more fat that just doing cardio.
• As you keep gaining lean muscle through strength training, you start using your calories more efficiently. This means you burn more calories by simply walking, climbing stairs or carrying some books.
• Weight lifting improves the quality of your sleep as well as lengthens the duration of your sleep.
• This goes without saying, it gives you more energy. The more you work your muscles, the more there is an increase in energy expenditure.
• It improves heart and bone health.
• It is a kick ass method for busting stress. It has been noticed by studies that consistent weight lifting will enable you to manage stress in a more efficient manner.
• You will eat better. The thing with strength training is that you will be able to make better food choices as it conditions your body to eat better. Strength training helps you stick to your diet and it keeps you away from all that unnecessary snacking and an overdose of junk food.
Next, take a look at some safety measures:
• Always warm up and cool down. It eases your muscles into more strenuous training.
• Start with a smaller weight. You do not want to start with something your body cannot handle and injure yourself.
• Always maintain a good posture. Every weight movement demands a different posture but always try to keep your spine straight and at neutral position
• Wear the right clothes. You do not want to trip or be uncomfortable.
• Get professional help. At least till you are sure of your form.
So ladies, do not hesitate to lift. Weights are good for you. Drop in at our sessions for some hardcore weight lifting for women.

Have you ever wondered how soda affects your body before you take a sip? Not really, right? This is because we have started to take in soda on a very frequent basis. Aerated drinks are served in every occasion, at all restaurants as well as easily available for purchase at every store. The availability of aerated drinks has somehow made us submissive to them irrespective of how much harm it can cause to our body. Soda has also become a great companion to popcorn in movie theatres. Thus making it a frequent visitor in our dining tables.
We can easily say that soda does not have ANY natural or health ingredient. Absolutely NONE. It is just a bottle full of chemicals that creates imbalance in every single organ in your body. Keeping the chemicals aside, these aerated drinks also have an insanely huge amount of sugar. In a recent infographics that went viral a few months ago, it was stated that the amount of sugar present in soft drinks is so high that your body will not be able to withstand it leading to unconsciousness. But, certain chemicals that are added to the drink prevent it from happening. Yes, aerated drinks are delicious, but just for the sake of taste, would it be right to consume something with absolutely no nutritional value?
As soon as you drink soda, your pancreas start to create more insulin that is required to respond to the intake of sugar. Then, the blood sugar levels shoot up and the liver starts turning the sugar in to fat with respect to the amount of insulin generated. The caffeine is then absorbed in to the body and your blood pressure increases.
How soda negatively affects the body?
1. It causes obesity. No shocker here. With the amount of sugar in the drink, it is known that soda consumption can lead to an increase in the risk of obesity by 1.6 times.
2. It gradually dissolves tooth enamel, which is essential for good oral health.
3. The high fructose corn syrup which is a sweetener can cause heart diseases.
4. It can cause kidney stones and other renal complications.
5. There is a huge risk of diabetes when you regularly consume soda.
6. You are prone to reproductive issues such as premature puberty, reproductive abnormality or even infertility.
7. A high intake of sugar can lead to a hindrance in normal neurological processes.
8. You can be affected by asthma.
The aerated drinks we consume today are high addictive as they produce dopamine on consumption. Dopamine activates the pleasure centres of the brain. This will increase the urge to grab another glass. It is important to stay away from foods that are meant only to harm your system. Aerated drinks are prevalent in all places; therefore it will take extra effort to combat the need to have it. But, for your health, you have to forego on little (harmful) pleasures such as these!

Lemon juice and weight loss go way back. Lemon is one heck of a citrus fruit. It has innumerable benefits to skin, hair, health and more. Lemon is probably one of the most versatile things you keep in our fridge. Lemon juice has been a common ingredient in a lot of Indian dishes. Be it a dash of lemon on the tandoori chicken or to add a little tanginess to gravies. Apart from its contribution to the Indian cuisine, lemon also has several therapeutic properties.
Let’s talk more on the qualities of lemon. Lemons are known to have high quantities of Vitamin C. Vitamin C is very important especially for women. Lemons contain flavonoids that hold anti cancer properties. Besides that, they contain a good amount of acidic properties and fiber to reduce cholesterol. Lemons are antibacterial and anti viral. They are also good at boosting immunity.
It also contains calcium that helps the bones. Traces of iron, vitamin A and potassium are also found in lemons. The citric acid contained in the fruit plays an important role in preventing fat deposits in the system. That’s how it’s great for weight loss.
How lemon juice and weight loss go hand in hand?
1. The vitamin C and the antioxidants contained in the fruit have digestion improving abilities. It clears your system and makes room for more healthy foods.
2. Lemons are diuretic. Consumption of lemons can help you get rid of all that water weight.
3. The vitamin C is known to have properties that performs certain chemical reactions in your body that will kick start the process of destroying fat cells. This helps a great deal in reducing weight.
4. Lemon cleanses your body. It improves your metabolism and flushes out all the toxins.
5. The flavonoids in lemons suppress weight gain and prevent the accumulation of fat cells. Another bonus is that the liver reduced production of cholesterol on regular intake of lemon juice.
6. It maintains the pH levels in the body.
7. It strengthens the liver, joints and knees that contribute to the overall body health.
How do I use lemon juice for weight loss?
This is perhaps the most common trick that practically everyone has used during weight loss. But we’re going to repeat it again. First thing in the morning, add lemon and honey to a tall glass of warm water and drink it. This regulates bowel movements. It reduces bloating and opens up your stomach to better and healthy food. However, do not consume too much lemon juice if you face acid reflex as it might aggravate your problem. Also, use a straw when you consume lemon as it can harm the enamel lining your teeth.
Lemon juice and weight loss, yes, we swear by the connection. Try to take a cup of lemon water at least once a day either in the morning or along with a meal for best results.

It is extremely sad that most of the people today are ignorant of the long term effects of obesity. The thing with obesity is that it can affect anyone from a kid to an elderly person. It can occur by merely following a particular lifestyle that does not suit your system.

Let’s go a little bit into detail on what the main causes of obesity are. Yes of course, unhealthy food habits top the list. We’re in the era of fast food and trust us; it is not a very good time to be in. We have a lot of options we are exposed to that claim to be healthy but really aren’t. We have to be smarter while choosing our food.

Next in line is the lack of physical activity. As tempting as lethargy can be, it has some serious effects on your body. We need to ensure that whatever energy that you take in goes out of your system through exercise and daily physical activity. Heredity can also be one of the prime reasons for obesity and the only way to combat it is the consumption of healthy food and regular fitness regimes.

What are the long term effects of obesity?

  • Obesity causes high blood pressure. If you have too much fat tissue in your body, it requires more oxygen. Thus, leading you to circulate more blood to the tissues. This puts some pressure on the artery wall which further increases your blood pressure.
  • Obesity can lead to type-2 diabetes. What is scary about this is that it can also occur amongst children who lead sedentary lives. Obesity can lead to resistance to insulin, the hormone that regulates blood sugar. Thus, shooting up sugar levels.
  • Bone related ailments are caused by obesity. They can have quite a toll on your joints, especially the knees and the elbows.
  • Obesity can lead to Cancer. Studies have showed that women who are over-weight are more prone to cancers such as breast cancer, gall bladder cancer etc. The cancer surfaces only in the later stages when a person is obese, mostly. The possibility of them succumbing to the disease is very high.
  • Obesity can cause more migraines. Yes, it is true. The regularity of your migraines can be directly proportional to your body mass index.
  • Infertility issues are also one of the primary effects of obesity. Overweight women can have some serious infertility issues if they also have Poly-cystic ovarian disorder. It is always safe to stay with your BMI to ensure that you do not face any infertility complications.
  • How would you feel if you momentarily stopped breathing or you gasp when you’re asleep? This is what might tend to happen if you’re obese. Obesity can cause sleep apnea.

The above mentioned effects are some of the many that are dangerous to the system. In short, we would say obesity is caused by eating more and moving less. What is the solution, you ask? Make that phrase vice versa. Eat lesser and move more, and you are good to go!

Want to know what recipes for healthy desserts we have in store for you? Keep reading. Have you ever wondered if the words healthy and dessert can be used together? Well, here it is! Sweets are the most divine things that give all of us utmost joy. For some, it is a delicacy, for others, it is an addiction. And, people who have a sweet tooth really have to watch out as too much sweet can cause them a lot of health problems, primarily diabetes. In order to avoid something of that sort to occur, we have to check the amount of desserts we consume.

When it comes to sweets, be it our very own gulab jamuns or the exotic tiramisu, our self control begins to falter at the mere sight of a dessert sitting innocently on the table. We know for a fact that desserts are very hard to resist, which is why we bring to you our recipes for healthy desserts that we absolutely love to relish.

Freezer Pops

What are they? If you’re ever feeling like having an ice cream, try this! It is super easy to make and doesn’t give you the unnecessary calories and preservatives that an ice cream contains.


1 cup fruit(s) of your choice

1 tbsp Organic Honey

1cup Greek Yoghurt


Mix the yoghurt with the honey and blend it with one fruit you like. We personally love strawberries, mangoes or kiwi. To make it more interesting, you can add chunks or slices of our favorite fruit too. When you’re done with that, pour them into Kulfi or Popsicle moulds and put them into the freezer for a couple of hours (overnight works best). Pull one off the mould whenever you have a sweet craving.

Banana Bread:

This recipe might contain maida aka all-purpose flour, but it is super healthy and has healthy sweet alternatives.


300g over ripe bananas

140g all-purpose flour

100g self-raising flour

3 eggs

1 tsp bicarbonate soda

1 tsp baking powder

4 tbsp honey or agave syrup

150 ml low fat yoghurt

25g walnuts


Pre-heat the oven at 160C. Mash the overripe bananas and add the honey, yoghurt and eggs. Once the mixture is well folded, add all the other dry ingredients. Make sure they’re mixed well as there must be no lumps in the batter. Grease your baking tray with some low fat butter and dust it with some flour. Pour in the batter and bake for 1 hour or so. To ensure that the bread is well baked, put a tooth pick into it. If it comes out clean, it is well baked. If not, keep it in for some more time. Serve hot.


Besides these, you can make simple desserts such as strawberries with melted dark chocolate or honey glazed grilled bananas and so on. Recipes of healthy desserts are many, but it all depends on your taste and your creativity. At the end of the day, all we wish for is the heavenly equation of sweet tooth cravings= satisfied.


Do you ever wonder what foods slow down your metabolism? No? Not many of us do either! We do not even think twice before we put our food in our mouths. Are we that busy? Or are we too lethargic or indifferent about looking after ourselves? Or have our lifestyles simply become like that?

What we fail to realize is that not just foods we eat slow down our metabolism; there are several other factors that can slow it as well; the popular one being the lack of exercise. You need to give your body some kind of action for it to speed up your metabolism and doing strength training that builds muscle tends to boost your metabolism. Another factor probably every one faces these days is stress. Stress can totally sabotage your metabolism rates and in turn lead to weight gain. We strongly believe that good physical activity is vital to maintain a good metabolism.

Another factor that can totally mess up with your metabolism is uncertain and inefficient diets. When you take up some kind of eating plan without understanding whether it is suitable for your body or not, there is a possibility of a change in metabolism. Eating can impact your metabolism almost as much as physical activity can. There are several kinds of food out there that help improve your metabolism to great extents. Also, there are several that pull you back down and slow down your system.

What are those foods?

  1. Alcoholic Beverages: It is true! They do slow your metabolism. Bad enough they cause damage to your liver, they are also capable of messing up your metabolic levels. Alcohol decreases the amount of calories you burn, thus leading to a decline in your metabolism. Avoid binge drinking. If you must drink, do not exceed one glass of alcohol every 2 days.
  2. Highly Processed Foods: Oh, the preservatives! They’re so bad for your health. But we all take processed foods in some form or the other that has today become unavoidable. Try to go natural! It helps clear out your system and makes it all brand new! Eat more fruits, whole grain breads and fiber containing foods.
  3. Sugars: A quite obvious one here. Sugars cause an increase in your blood glucose levels. Plus, they get absorbed into your body real quick. The only way to beat this is to avoid consumption of sugars. Try replacing your candies and other sugary delights with fresh fruits.
  4. Foods that contain Pesticides: Yes, you heard it right. Not many of us can really tell the difference between foods that contain pesticides to those that don’t. This is something we don’t really have control over. But, the whole concept of organic foods is coming into place. You can go organic and save yourself from some unnecessary chemicals.

Having a healthy metabolism will help you be more active and productive as well. Now that you know what foods slow down metabolism, you ought to stay away from those!

Yes you’ve heard it right, Motivation fitness for women. Humans, we are! We need to have some kind of driving force that motivates us to go on. It can be anything. It could be parents’ belief, friend’s support or your very own passion. You need to find yourself that motivation to keep going and succeeding. Same goes out for your fitness regimes.

Fitness regimes and weight loss programs are quite different from your other goals. It is taken up by you to remain healthy and fit, the most neglected in today’s world. For most people, fitness is barely even at the end of their priority list. That’s so hazardous to their future selves. Being motivated through a regime is tough but not impossible. You just need a little push to keep going. The primary and first ground rule is to set goals. Like any other goals, you need to set realistic goals that you can accommodate into your schedule. For instance, you can strive to do a certain number of push-ups at a time in a period of time. That drives you to work towards your goal.

  1. We all have that one dress or shirt we cannot fit into. That sure can get frustrating. But, use it as motivation! Workout so that you can fit into it!
  2. When you are pressed for time, make your commute a form of exercise. Sneaking workouts into your day is really not that hard. You can even do desk stretches and exercises during the day at work or put on some music and groove while you are cooking.
  3. Challenge some of your friends to a work out duel. Nothing works its charm like a good old bet.
  4. Join a class together with your friends, or just join a class. Only you make a commitment and give the money for it, you are obliged to give it your time. Eventually, your body will get used to it and you will continue to exercise, effortlessly. Besides, group class is motivation in itself.
  5. Invest in some awesome workout clothes. It gives you confidence and the motivation to work harder! You might find this silly, but it really works!
  6. Choose an exercise type that will suit you. That you will enjoy doing. Exercising should not seem like work. It should be something that you like doing. That’s how you find your motivation.
  7. Use the positive changes that your body is undergoing as motivation. See those six packs showing up slowly? Well how would you look if you were totally ripped? That motivation will help you continue.
  8. Believe in yourself. This is perhaps the only motivation you need. Believe and trust yourself to be honest with you body and do the right thing it needs. Exercise and healthy food.
  9. Do not give up! Ever! It is a gradual process. Everything takes time.
  10. Reward yourself with something you like. Maybe some chips or a dessert. But hey, do not over due it. You cannot have too many cheat meals.

Shut off all the negative energy and motivation will come from within. Enjoy yourself in whatever you are doing and you will not need anything or anyone making you exercise. Drop in at Bootcamp Chennai if you want to know more on motivation fitness for women.

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