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Fed up of the same old exercises and equipment at the gym? Looking to build strength and challenge yourself? All you need is a Sandbag exercises and you are good to go! Sandbag exercises are perhaps the most underrated in terms of strength and endurance building. In earlier times, sandbags were used to build stronger muscles and increase endurance. Sandbag exercises are becoming the go-to work out for athletes, martial arts professionals and fighters.

We, at Bootcamp Chennai, are very fond of training with the Sandbag exercises . Here’s why:

Sandbags are not only fun to do but are also easily accessible and cost efficient. You can even make one all on your own. It all depends on how much you want your sandbag to weigh. They’re awesome because you can do them anywhere! You do not need any additional equipment. It also makes you stronger every single day. It helps you get ripped and set your workouts on fire. We will help you learn every technique required for sandbag workouts.

The reason why it works so effectively is the instability of the weight it bears. You have to train your body to balance as well as keep up its strength, which is quite a task. The more tedious it gets, the stronger you become. It also helps improve your grip. Sandbag training is a simple concept, but a very difficult work out option. As you proceed in Bootcamp Chennai’s Sandbag exercises , you will be able to watch your body transform like it never has.

Sandbag Routines need to be done under supervision so that you do not cause any unnecessary harm to your body. Bootcamp Chennai strictly abides with the following rules:

Rule 1: Start with low intensity workouts

You might not want to start totally cray-cray as you need to realize your current limits. You can definitely push them but NEVER exceed them. So, kick it off with the basics. These basics will help you get a hang on the technique. Once you know your way around the sandbag, you can proceed to more intense work outs. The idea here is to know what could possibly injure you and refraining from it. For starters, we try ‘Bear Hug Squat’, ‘Around the World’ and ‘Bag Drag’.

Rule 2: Warm-Up all your muscle groups before you start

Training with cold muscles can lead to muscle tear therefore a good warm-up is a vital part of your workout. A good warm up not only mentally prepares you for your workout but also gradually increases your heart rate and improves circulation in your muscles. Warm-Up exercises enable you to ease into the workouts, intensifying them with every level. No matter how crunched you are for time, we always warm-up!

Rule 3: Pay close attention to your form

WE will always make sure that you are in the right form. Sandbags are heavy, unstable and difficult to grip. In this case, ending up in poor form is most likely to happen. Engage your core, straighten you back and soften your knees. Using your core to bring out the strength inside of you is the ideal way to train your body to do these workouts. That way, you will not be causing any shock or injury to your body.

Sandbags can be used for training even by women as they act as a form of functional fitness. It is also beneficial to your weight loss endeavors. Sandbag exercises are a total hit at the Bootcamp Chennai. Join today to lift with us! Contact J.Keshav at 9941869777.

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