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Overweight Marriage Problems

The main reason that affects an individual’s life is Overweight Marriage Problems. The main obstruction to a marriage life is the problems arising due to obesity. What has stopped the well settled bachelor/bachelorette from getting married? The answer is very simple- “OBESITY”. Every person who wants to enter a marriage life is frightened of the fact that they might face rejection due to their obesity issues. This is a common factor that has put marriage plans of a individual in back foot in both the case of male as well as female mainly in capital city Chennai. The obstruction faced by most of bachelor/bachelorette in today’s world is entering a wed lock at the appropriate time. In a modern era where people have a well accomplished life style yet they think twice about getting married. A study determined that there are 30 million people in India are obese and have predicted that it will double in the next 5 years. Obesity has mostly affected men and women in their 20’s and 30’s especially the once aged between (24-39). This has mainly affected people working in IT industry who are glued to their seats lack physical fitness which has pushed them to the common problem called Obesity. Obesity=Rejection Rejection is the word that every human hate to face in their life especially when it comes to marriage. No matter how successful a person can be in their professional career but a bride/groom always prefer a person who is slim, healthy and fit. Marriage rejections will not only deteriorate the confidence level of a person but will also pull down his/her belief kept on them in both professional as well as personal life. We all live in a world where people are given more importance depending on how they look and how healthy they remain. There is a perception that people who manage their body well have the capability to manage anything in life. Now days with the increase in work pressure people hardly find time to look after themselves and their diet. This is the problem faced by most of the eligible bachelor/bachelorette which has contributed to their overweight issues. The major factors like lack of sleep, emotional stress, eating habits and smoking contribute to a person’s obesity problem. This is quite evident as health survey reports indicated that 70% of people leaving in Urban India are facing obesity problem. Chennai being a high profile metropolitan city itself has 38% people who have obesity issues. ‘Boot Camp Chennai’ provides all the solutions to your “Obesity” problems in just 3 months To deal with the issues of obesity the “BOOT CAMP CHENNAI” provides fitness training program to make sure that you become slim and fit in just 3 months. The immense fitness training provided will not only helps you in reducing your weight but will also make sure that you will revive your lost confidence. By the time you bachelor/bachelorette enter your marriage life Boot Camp Chennai grantees to reduce your weight upto 21 kilograms in just 3 months by natural means.

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