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Lifestyle – What is lifestyle?
Lot of people are trying to get Lifestyle Management in Chennai. Our fundamental premise is… What is lifestyle? And how to manage it? Today’s generation, the “Y” Generation have no clue on how to manage time, resources and energy efficiently. Procrastination once a big problem and what was being shunned as lazy has now become a fashion statement. Putting one step in front of another has become an art form with delicate balance like a bicycle. When you stop moving in life, you fall down and unless you get back on the horse, you will stay on the ground. We provide you with a proper diet, a sensible and sound workout regimen and work-life balance that can enhance the quality of your life. Have you ever asked yourself, why you keep running?
You run through the whole year day by day to earn money, more money than necessary for your average day-to-day needs. And in the quest to up your earnings and save more money, you compromise on your quality of life – and by that I mean food, clothing and sleep. Let us not forget the adventure part, when was that last time you moved out of your comfort zone and tried anything adventurous in life?
When you come to our class, you will come with weight loss as the goal at hand, but in the end, you will have a changed lifestyle. Our bootcamp will serve as a base to change your lifestyle apart from delivering results. We don’t stop with just workouts, we instruct you on how to sleep, how to eat nutritiously and our team will continually work with you to improve your results round the clock. In this 3 months, we analyse your life and suggest changes where you err, and how to improve on your performance and overall health. Only because of this reason, we strive to keep the number of students to a minimum, putting quality on a high priority.
People who come to us have no discipline in terms of food, they consume any and every type of food they like instead of eating healthy. The result is that you become obese and now aim for fat loss / weight loss. Mental depression will increase fat storage and reduce fat loss as a result of increased production of cortisol. Confidence level gets boosted because of working with us throughout the bootcamp.
IT people get in to the industry and work with a sedentary lifestyle. To change their lifestyle and address issues such as low back pain, obesity and laziness in general. When you get a spare tyre, or a beer belly, your spine gets bent and your back starts paining. People also must understand that a belly can cause breathing problems by putting additional stress on your lungs.
There are multiple fast food joints including McDonalds, KFC, ChicKing, BurgerKing and Marrybrown that entertain the IT crowd with unhealthy and fried food. Soft drinks which are sold as cool drinks also cause damage to your stomach and your overall digestion process. Our bootcamp has workout designed to get you fully functional and fighting fit in 90 days flat. We are helping IT people by changing their lifestyle instead of just helping them shed kilos. Our bootcamp will be the foundation for your life long success in fitness.
Ask someone about life and style, both of these questions rarely get answered by people when you ask them. What is Life? What is style? We teach people both. Your body and internal organs will function properly and your mind will be clear and refreshed like you were born yesterday…

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