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Snacking is a serious weakness everyone indulges in, by default. But snacking is not something you can just take for granted. It can have some serious consequences. It can have adverse effects on your health conditions and also lead to obesity. While pondering upon weight loss, the first step to eating healthy is to avoid snacking. It is quite challenging because it is only human nature to eat or taste things we like. Snacking is the easiest way to pile up the calorie count and induce fat accumulation. Besides, snacking is caused by several reasons:

  • You are stressed: We often believe that food can soothe us and comfort us. People find solace in binge eating and distracting themselves momentarily from the problems causing the stress.
  • You are upset: When depressed or in pain, you often tend to over eat. It is just an emotion you want to get over and you resort to food.
  • You are bored: Because you have nothing else to do! Many people fall prey to boredom and over eat.
  • You think you are hungry: Commonly known as emotional hunger. You are just under the perception that you are hungry, in reality you aren’t. This can lead to unnecessary snacking.
  • You eat because everyone else is eating: We know it is a temptation. And it is really hard to not eat a snack when everyone is indulging in it.

How to stop it?

Snacking is a big no-no for weight loss. Weight loss and fitness attempts are of no use if you are constantly snacking. Snacking sometimes very unintentionally occurs due to the kind of lifestyle we lead. Here are some easy ways to stop snacking:

  1. Watch your eating habits: Devise a plan in which you eat only your proper meals, 3 times a day and probably a few healthy foods such as fruits or milk products in between meals.
  2. Figure out why you feel like eating: Is it because you are bored? Or hungry? Or angry? Or sad? Just find the root cause and distract yourself from it so that you do not feel emotionally hungry.
  3. Do not buy too many snacks: No snacks, no snacking, right? If you do not store any snacks at your work place or home, you do not consume too many unhealthy snacks.
  4. Schedule healthy snacks: Choose your favourite healthy snacks. It could be a fruit salad or a healthy beverage. Just know that it is healthy.
  5. Eat in proportion: We understand that sometimes peer pressure can come in the way. In times like those, even if you indulge in a little unhealthy snacking, eat in proportion. And make sure it isn’t an everyday thing.

There you have it! Bootcamp Chennai’s top tips to curb snacking! Weight loss is a tricky tale. You need to have good control over your diet in order to make it a successful one. Avoid snacking with these tips!

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