Everything you need to know about EATING RIGHT

The kind of foods you eat is very essential in maintaining good health and a frisky and active life style. Eating unhealthy food can increase the risks of various diseases in the long run. What might seem to be a delicacy today might simply turn into your nightmare tomorrow. In order to eat healthy foods, we must be prepared to make several lifestyle changes such as reducing the number of times we have aerated drinks or changing the type of oils we use.

Eating right can be very tricky as it might take a while to understand your body and what is good for it and what is not. The most primary step you need to take is to understand your body and how it reacts to the food you intake. Take some time in learning about your allergies, the foods that keep you active all day and those that cause bloats or lethargy when eaten. Once you are clear on what works best for you, develop a plan and work around it.

Misconceptions on Eating Right:

There are many myths on the concept of healthy eating. There are several websites and programs that provide contradictory nutritional information on eating right. The biggest misconception people have on healthy eating is that they believe eating right means eating less or starving. This is an alarming myth that can cause you a lot of hospital bills. It is important to understand that your body needs food to function. Food is converted into energy which helps you get through the day. If you do not provide what the body requires, it will end up malfunctioning or might end up in fatal health risks. The right way to healthy eating is making a choice between what is good for your body and what is bad for it. For instance, for a snack, you can choose fruit salad instead of a chaat item. These small changes make a great impact on your eating habits in the long run. The focus however should be on the consistency of your healthy eating practice.

How can I start eating right?

The idea is to go one step at a time. Ease your body into eating the healthy foods but don’t push it to accept several major changes at the same time.

Understand how much food your body needs:
It is vital for you to know the amount of energy your body consumes in order to balance your diet accordingly. According to research, it is suggested that men must consume about 2,500 calories per day while women must consume about 2,000 per day. To do so, eat a wide range of foods rich in proteins, vitamins, carbohydrates and healthy fats to provide your body the nutrients it requires.

Increase the amount of fruits and vegetables in your diet
Fill your plate with colorful fruits and vegetables. It has been told that the more colorful your plate is, the more possibility there is to consume all the healthy vitamins, minerals, fiber and other nutrients your body needs.

Choose whole grain instead of refined grain
Whole grain foods such as brown rice, whole wheat bread, oatmeal, quinoa etc are much healthier and can make a huge difference to your health. They are rich in fiber. Hence, they keep your digestive system in check as well.

Reduce intake saturated fat
The body needs fat, yes, but you must keep track of which fat enters your system. There are basically two types of fats namely, saturated and unsaturated. Saturated fat is found in foods like pastries, cream, butter, sausages, cakes etc. Excessive quantities of saturated fat can lead to cholesterol problems. In order to reduce consumption of saturated fats, opt for unsaturated fat such as vegetable oils, avocados etc.

Always keep yourself hydrated
Prevent dehydration by consuming at least 1.6-2 liters of water every day. You can opt for juices and detox waters as well to stay hydrated. However, refrain from sugary and aerated beverages and drinks as they only cause harm to your body.

Finally, keep track of what you eat. Do not splurge into over excessively fatty foods. Once in a while, it is okay to indulge in that chocolate chip ice cream or that fried chicken, but make sure you eat in proportion.

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