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low cost fitness centers

Referral / Discounts
You as a student contribute to your own health and you must help the people you care about achieve similar results. You will be surprised to find out what you can do for the club and help yourself simultaneously.

So we’d like to enlist your help in spreading the word. A lot of your friends and relatives maybe interested in martial arts, bootcamp and fitness in general. You can spread the message and explain the benefits of your ‘increasingly’ strong physique and
functional strength in your daily life. As a strong person you can dothings with better ease and efficiency.
What’s in it for me, you ask?
– Introduce 1 student to us & help yourself with 25% discount on the bootcamp fee
– Introduce 2 students to us & help yourself with 50% discount on the bootcamp fee
– Incase, You introduce more than 2 students to us, you can help yourself to a FREE bootcamp, yes… no hidden charges, if you are generous about helping people you care about, we don’t mind helping you too!

Eligibility for referral – Must be a paid member for atleast 1 month to get the discount.
A few simple ideas to help yourself better,
1) If you sign up today and pay for the first month, then your friends join in the next day or two
2) Tell them to provide your name as the referral with your phone number
3) We will help you further with the referral and happily work with your friends too!
Remember to spread the message, because… sharing is caring!
Again, as a valuable and esteemed student of our bootcamp, we’d like
to thank you for your business!

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