Weight loss:
The record breaking highest number of new year resolutions, year after year, pertain to weight loss. I’m sure many of you would agree with me that we have tried and tested the most popular diet and fitness regimes at some point in life. Google has been the most sort after nutritionist-cum-personal trainer. Even though it throws hundreds of results, why are we not able to reap long-term benefits out of it? Why do we gain weight so easily but take eons to lose weight? Why do most of these popular methods fail miserably? Let’s try and address these questions.

Our first understanding should be that, weight loss and fat loss are two very different concepts. Our body weight consists of fat mass and muscle mass. While fat occupies more space and weighs less, muscle occupies a compressed space but weighs more. Imagine 100kgs of cotton which might occupy an entire room, and 100kgs of iron which is just going to be a rod. Most of the obese people are like cotton – their fat mass makes up most of the excess weight, and hence they look fat. If you see a body builder, he might also weigh the same, but his weight comprises of muscle mass, hence he looks and feel much fitter. Our aim is to strike the right balance between both. This is the simple science behind weight loss.OBESITY LEADS TO NUMEROUS HEALTH ISSUES

If you have understood the difference between weight loss and fat loss, then it’s easy to judge why fad diets and monotonous gymming will not help achieve your goal. We search for the nearest gym and sign up for the annual package, consult a nutritionist, collect our diet chart and start working out with weights and cardio alternatively. Sounds familiar? Once we start exercising, our metabolism increases and we start seeing visible weight loss. But wait, have you stopped to think if it’s the fat or muscle that you’re losing? It’s most likely the muscle mass that you are starting to lose, which is quite easy as well. In the process of losing your muscle, you are making space for accumulating more fat mass later when you stop following the strict diet or when you reduce the vigour of your workout, or both. So, at the end of it, you lose the existing muscle mass and gain double the fat mass. That explains why we fail at various weight loss attempts. Now, we know the science/logic, we know the problem. Let’s get straight to the solution.

There are some major causes attributable to weight loss – Stress, lifestyle, sleep, pregnancy, hereditary, wrong exercises done in the past, and medical reasons such as thyroid, PSOS, hormonal imbalance, etc. At Bootcamp Chennai, we specialise in identifying the root cause for each individual and accordingly design the workout and diet to suit the body type. Once you identify and attack the root cause effectively, you will not gain weight again. A common complaint of gaining weight again after completing a diet or exercise regime is because of following “popular” training methods, which are not suited for every body type/frame. So, if you want to change to a much healthier lifestyle, Bootcamp Chennai is the best place to be. Please fill the application form below, or call us at 9500170000. Wish you success in reaching your goals and being an inspiration for others.


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