Welcome to fitness centers in Chennai (Boot camp Chennai) where the norm is NOT the way. We believe there is no ONE WAY to get fit or become strong. We promise you that our trainers will use lesser known methods to get you in ship shape!

Boot camp Chennai is conducted by a well-established team of strength trainers from ITB . This boot camp package is an offering for the elite crowd with very less time to spare. We work with you for 5 hours a week and ensure you have utmost strength to perform daily activities with rigor and enthusiasm. Our exercises are filled with variety of challenges, which are a fun way to improve your fitness instead of going with the traditional method – treadmill… In summary  Fitness centers in Chennai will bring the benefits of functional fitness and strength training to your every day life.

Our program was created to cater enthusiasts aged 15 and above keeping themselves fit while enjoying training with us. Customized programs will be provided with nutritional information and diet chart to lose weight and to get ‘unbeatable’ results on your timeline . We will put you through a 5-step process,

  1. Fitness Assessment
  2. Exercise List for each individual
  3. Diet chart / Nutrition according to your individual lifestyle.
  4. We will identify a partner for you to achieve your goal
  5. We will motivate you to adhere to a healthy lifestyle

Human beings are social by nature. Relationships can be forged in every aspect of life. We at Boot camp Chennai understand that becoming fit works better in a competitive environment, working together as a group and not just hours spent on a lonely elliptical / treadmill. We also provide weight loss tips for women and men to lose weight.

Our trainers have performed feats, a lot of them to list here. But you are more interesting. We would like to customize your workouts, enable you to get results and motivate you to perform better. We focus on you. By working with us, you can get to know us better, instead of reading it here. Our trainers are here to inspire and ensure you realize goals you thought were impossible.

You can join Boot camp Chennai , if you want to start trekking, run a half marathon, ride your motorcycle across the country, lose weight or simply become more stronger to perform your daily tasks with ease. Every person will encounter a situation in daily life where they must lift an object from the ground, a strong person can do this task with ease. Don’t wait to find out that you are weak, become strong today. The fitness centers in Chennai invite you to reduce excess weight. The natural weight loss tips is the simple and best method of weight loss program in Chennai.

By participating in best fitness centre in Chennai, you can help the society become more aware of strength training principles. We encourage our students to promote a healthy lifestyle in office, at home and to practice what they preach. Our students actively participate in blood donation, road safety and self defense programs protecting our society for good.

Boot camp is the best fitness centre in Chennai, which offering fitness, health, and weight loss programs. After finishing Boot camp Chennai, our students end up saying “NO to the treadmill for the rest of life”. You will understand the de-merits of steady state cardio in an isolated room with no air and start laughing at those poor souls.

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