Today many people who are struggling to loose weight often end by getting wrong recommendation because of fat loss tips which are prescribed in many gyms, the reason is most of the gyms give out a common set of fat loss tips regardless of age, gender and their background. When it comes to fat lose many instructors tend to concentrate only on hard hitting workouts and often ignore the importance of a healthy diet and choice of the food you intake. With us, we make sure that all our students are given equal and proper attention on physical training as well as fat loss diet!

Protein – Whey, Egg Whites, Fish, Chicken Breast, Milk, Cottage cheese, Yoghurt, Salmon

Good Carbs – Brown rice, Wheat, Brown Bread, Sweet Potato, Yam, Brown Pasta, Green Banana, Oats

Healthy Fat – Eggs, Flax Seed Oil, Olive oil, Nuts, Peanut butter, Fish Oil

Fibre – Lettuce, Brocolli, Leafy Green Vegetables

Eat 5 to 6 times a day, eat your first meal within 45 mins of waking up. Drink adequate water, minimum of 3 litres if you are approx 60 kilos in weight.

What food to avoid?

Any type of oil fried / baked food.

Avoid alcohol and cigarettes to lead a healthy life.

Don’t starve yourself, eat every 3 hours.

Don’t be afraid to maintain a food journal.
You can track your progress only when you record your meals.

Don’t be embarassed to opt for a salad instead of a plate of french fries.