A few reasons why you should consider Boot camp workouts from Bootcamp Chennai ,

1) Everyone knows that boot camp styled workouts are here to stay! With Boot Camp Chennai  you are guaranteed to see results in 8 weeks.

2) Our Boot Camp workouts burns more calories than aerobics, running , gym training or tremendous treadmills and the reason is that we often employ high intensity interval training coupled with proper nutrition.boot camp workouts

3) Our Boot Camp workouts covers exercises that work your entire body and kills stubborn fat to prepare you for the results you have always dreamed about…

Our Boot Camp workouts are completely flexible – you chose the days that work for your schedule!

You have to make it to class 5 days a week. Not quite as intensive as our advanced program but it sure produces results for absolute beginners. You choose any 5 days a week you want and it can change week on week.

Our Boot Camp workouts is more than just a great workout. It is a healthy solution for busy professionals, new moms, former or current athletes or anyone that wants to make a change in their lives for evolving in to better shape.

Specially designed for ALL fitness levels, our intense bodyweight training and resistance based workouts focus on pushing you outside your comfort zone, past where you can push yourself – safely. Most of the workouts are performed with kettlebells, dumbbells, resistance bands, tyres, hammer or your bodyweight for resistance. Additionally, we combine a detailed nutrition plan to produce results based program that allows you to experience real results in only 8 weeks. Whether you are looking for a weight loss, toning, an exercise program or a way to kick start your fitness routine, our program can help you reach your goals.

But our fitness boot camp program does more than that – it inspires you to individual greatness. We are the ONLY boot camp program to offer a lifestyle change. You will notice your increasing energy levels and self confidence – your journey to fitness is one of self discovery as well as long term self preservation. Get Ready to Feel strong, Healthy & Happy everyday. Get ready for a lifestyle change.boot camp workouts

BootCampChennai’s  Program began with providing a relaxed and fun atmosphere in mind. Playing games and performing sports conditioning drills became just as common as pullups, sprints and push-ups. The only person that can push yourself further is you. And no one goes unnoticed in our class. If you start the boot camp program in pretty good shape, you end in the best shape of your life. If you are a beginner, you are never left to run alone in the dark, we tag you with a partner who makes you accountable for their fitness and them to you. They will always have your back in any given situation. For a taste of our fitness boot camp program, check out our Facebook page to see the journey of our boot campers as they become stronger with our unconventional training methods to help them get into shape.