You’d be surprised to discover that everything that you eat causes a metabolic and physiological response in your body. For our purpose in fitness, the most important level to look at is the macronutrient level, namely carbohydrates, proteins and fat. We have successfully transformed the fitness and lifestyle for people in 12 batches now.

For both male and female students who are working hard to add muscle to their frame to get a more athletic, muscular looking physique, the same principles apply as far as the macro-nutrients are concerned. Just add some tweaks that we use when gaining muscle versus losing fat. Fat loss in general requires discipline more than anything else.

I’m glad to welcome you to our bootcamp, where we make it a point NOT to encourage more than 12 members per batch…

Students count is not our goal as much as providing tangible results. The lesser the student count, the better we can focus, concentrate and provide quality training time for you. Please don’t mistake our methods, if you don’t get in to the immediate batch available. The main idea in Chennai Bootcamp issc to provide results. Most if not all of our students are above 18, with male / female – mixed crowd where privacy and quality training is valued more than any other factor.

Take your time and fill up the form we have provided for your fitness goals, please be patient, we will get back to you in 48 hours. We will set an appointment for you with a trial class also. We have to analyze which batch we can include you with as we function on a first come first serve basis. Team work is also an important aspect of Bootcamp Chennai , the team you are working with must be positive, motivated and psyched to get maximum fun, competition and results.

You must be ready to train with us in an open area, because, cardio and high-intensity workouts require a lot of fresh oxygen. You need more oxygen and proper breathing to increase your endurance. Nature provides more oxygen today as compared to artificial air provided by a fan, or air conditioner.  In a city where pollution is heavy in the form of dust, suit, emissions and waste, you must make time to move away from the noise, heat, dirt and inhale fresh air. The place where you train must have a lot of trees, calm atmosphere and provide peace of mind.

There are two types of diet prominently in Southern India – Vegetarian / Non vegetarian. We will provide you with a diet chart to keep you comfortable and leave with you no disruption in your day to day – eating habits, sleeping pattern for rest and recuperation. For performing competitive circuit based training having adequate space and oxygen is very important. We may not be able to provide space and facilities everywhere in Chennai. That’s the thing about Achievement. If you mind the distance, travel and money involved instead of focus on ‘long term’ goals, take it from us, you will not get there. If you are NOT willing to compromise on factors that put you out of your comfort zone, your goals will never be within your reach. If you want comfort, get seinfield, or tom and jerry on cartoon network. If you want to look like a greek god, then contact us, +91 9500170000

100% guarantee – We will call you back and help you achieve your fitness goals and we will enable you to live a healthy lifestyle.

Leave your problems with us because, “What is impossible for you is possible for us”

In catering to the weight loss , fat loss , conditioning requirements we provide a game-based / theme-based bootcamp also for corporate and private groups. Our program will not have the same workouts in each class, our program is backed by ironclad guarantee, 100% Results Driven, No Excuses, Nothing to lose. If you have a small group as mentioned above, we will customise the timing and schedule based on your comfort. Get in touch with us @ +91 9500170000

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